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How to Reinstate Your Suspended YouTube Channel

When our youtube channel is suspended by YouTube team because of a policy violation or because of a violation of community guidelines, we can no longer access our youtube dashboard. Violations are usually notified by youtube via email.

However, we are still given the opportunity to appeal the termination of our account to reinstate by submitting an appeal form, and sent it to youtube team. This appeal process takes a little time, usually until the next 48 hours after we fill out the form, then our application will be responded.

The quality of the contents of an appeal form is very important, we are required to be able to make an appeal sentence that suits our mistakes. This appeal process will be responded directly by the youtube team which in this case is a human being not a machine or a robot. So the use of sentences in English is very important so that the completion process is faster.

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Back to the main problem, how do you make a sentence or an appeal statement to YouTube to be accepted? The following are examples of appeal sentences that the author has done and thank God that it works so that the youtube channel of the recipient has been active again.

Dear Youtube team
First, I already receive an email from YouTube team that my channel has been suspended because due to multiple or severe violations of youtube’s policy against Spam, gaming, misleading content, or other terms of service violations. I really for the mistake that i've made, and please reactive my channel. There not all my video have problem, i believe i never do spam or someting else. next time i will be carefull to not breaking the term please reactive my channel. I wating for your response with a good news, Thanks.

That is an example of an appeal sentence that the author usually sends to the youtube when the my channel is suspended and thank God that the request was responded by the youtube by saying that the my channel does not violate anything and deserves to be reinstated.

Channel has been suspended, how to make appeal form

An appeal request apologizing is one of the main factors in the success of our appeals process, there is no need to argue much. just admit we are guilty even though sometimes we feel that we don't violate anything, but youtube will appreciate our apologies.

Such is the example of the issue of an appeal, please try if you need it. and good luck in the appeal process. Hopefully this article is useful.

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